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Ocean Exploration/Survey, Oceanography, Offshore Energy Exploration and Production, Owner/Operator Underwater Vehicles (Manned/Unmanned), Search and Survey
Environmental Monitoring/Pollution Control, Marine Construction, Offshore Structures, Pipeline Contractors, Ship/Boat Building and Submersibles
Marine Consulting, Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Subsea Engineering
Information Technology, Marine Research, Software Engineering and Development Services, Systems Integration
AUV /ROV Manufacturer, Instrumentation Manufacturer (Marine/Oceanographic), Marine Machinery Manufacturer, Subsea Robotics, Underwater Vehicles Manufacturer
Senior Management/Management
Engineering, Scientific/Technical
Subsea Design/Other

ABOUT Marine Technology Reporter

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Hydrographic
  • Ocean Science
  • Subsea
  • Defense

Marine Technology Reporter is the industry’s largest circulating magazine dedicated to the underwater technology and ocean science markets. MTR provides unbiased news and information from around the world and delivers it to a powerful and highly responsive audience of more than 25,000 recipients.


Greg Trauthwein has covered the global maritime market for more than 25 years, today serving as Editor & Associate Publisher with full content responsibilities for four b2b trade publications, 10 websites and a dozen e-newsletters serving the global maritime, offshore, subsea and energy sectors.

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  • Largest and only third party audited print circulation serving the global underwater technology market.
  • 100% requested by individuals name and title.
  • Global distribution including bonus distribution at all key industry events.
  • Lowest cost per thousand reached for your marketing budget.

2023 Marine Technology Reporter Editorial Calendar

January/February 2023
Ad Close Date: Jan 21

Underwater Vehicle Annual
  • Underwater Defense 
  • Manipulator Arms & Tools 
  • Autonomous Navigation GNSS MEMS
  • Unmanned Vehicle Propulsion
  • IMR: Offshore Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

Oceanology Intl. North America:
February 14-16, San Diego, CA

February 2023
E-Magazine Edition
Ad Close Date: Feb 4

Multi-platform electronic magazine featuring interviews, company profiles, video and custom ad enhancements.
March/April 2023
Ad Close Date: March 21

Oceanographic Instrumentation & Sensors

  • Cables, Connectors & Slip Rings
  • Offshore Energy Technologies
  • Environmental Testing
  • Underwater Communications
  • Buoyancy

Ocean Business: Apr 18-20, Southampton, UK
OTC: May 1-4, Houston, TX
AUVSI XPONENTIAL: May 8-11, Denver, CO
UDT: May 9-11, Rostock, Germany

May/June 2023
Ad Close Date: May 21

Offshore Energy: Oil & Gas + Offshore Wind
  • Dredging Technology
  • Hydrographic Survey Sonar
  • Sonar, Telemetry & Data Processing Software
  • Scientific Deck Machinery
  • Interconnect: Underwater Cables & Connectors

WEDA Dredging Summit & Expo: July 17-20, Houston TX
Underwater Technology Conference:
June, Bergen, Norway

July/August 2023
Ad Close Date: July 21

Autonomous Vehicle Operations
  • ROV Technology: Work Class to Micro Systems
  • Thruster Technology
  • Underwater Tools & Manipulators
  • GPS, Gyro Compasses & MEMS Motion Tracking
  • Battery Technology


 Oceans (Americas): Sept 25-28, Gulf Coast, MS

E-Magazine Edition

Ad Close Date: Aug 4

Multi-platform electronic magazine featuring interviews, company profiles, video and custom ad enhancements.
September/October 2023
Ad Close Date: Sep 21

Focus on 100 Leading Companies, People & Innovations in the Subsea Space

November/December 2023
Ad Close Date: Nov 21

Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks
  • Acoustic Doppler Sonar Technologies ADCPs & DVLs
  • Instrumentation: Profilers, Samplers & Sediment Corers
  •  Seafloor Mapping
  • Geospatial Software Systems for Hydrography
  • Underwater Imaging: Lights, Cameras, Lasers & Multibeam Sonars
December 2023
E-Magazine Edition
Ad Close Date: Dec 4

Subsea Vehicles
Multi-platform electronic magazine featuring interviews, company profiles, video and custom ad enhancements.

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MTR E-news delivers the latest business news, information and employment opportunities 4x’s a week with an audited delivery of 35,265.

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Maritime Technology

Maritime Technology is the newest and best way for maritime industry manufacturers and service providers to reach the global marketplace. Powered by the Maritime Network – the industry’s largest and comprehensive news and information source, Maritime Technology is the cutting-edge way to connect buyers and sellers.

Maritime Technology’s mission is to continue to grow the industry’s largest business network by bringing unparalleled online advertising opportunities to marketers; connecting suppliers with industry-specific buyers; and by providing suppliers with options that grow and add value to their online presence, attract and engage audiences and provide additional revenue.
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Targeted access to the Maritime Propulsion Market

Maritime Propulsion is the industry’s dedicated marine power website featuring a completely interactive database of power and propulsion equipment, along with blogs, news and insights. Maritime Propulsion is the go-to source for marine power!

The Maritime Propulsion e-News

E-News Recipients
Maritime Propulsion E-News

The Maritime Propulsion E-News is the industry’s twice weekly e-news service, delivering the latest propulsion news, blogs, and insights to subscribers all around the world.


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Emagazine Marine Technology Reporter E-Magazine

These special editions will be distributed electronically to over 37,000 recipients. Premium Positions, Full and ½ page ads are available, with custom ad enhancements: Videos, Interviews, and Company Profiles.
Marine Technology TV

Marine Technology TV

With Marine Technology TV interview, our editorial staff will work to develop insightful Q&A to educate and enlighten viewers about your company’s latest advances, technologies and products. Your video can appear site-wide in a native content placement and within e-newsletter sponsorships, guaranteeing maximum visibility.

Marine Technology Webinars

Marine Technology Webinars

Our webinar package is specifically designed to bring you a qualified audience while building your company brand awareness through the industry’s largest network of publications, websites and e-newsletters. If you are planning a product launch or want to demonstrate how a service or product could benefit the maritime market, we have the best solution to make that a success.

Content Marketing

Native Advertising

With the Maritime Network’s native advertising, your company’s story may be integrated into the editorial content on or more industry specific sites or e-newsletters. The network’s targeted audience insures that your content is being viewed by the right people. As a bonus, your story will remain in the network’s archives and will be searchable from our site and search engines.

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White Paper issue

White papers

Make sure your company’s content is visible to decision makers all around the world. Special content marketing from the Maritime Network is your opportunity to sponsor your “white paper” hosted on the Maritime Network and distributed to the maritime network’s targeted email database. This powerful marketing tool allows you to bring your message directly to purchasers and buyers researching your market.

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